Since its founding in 2000, Freiberg Geotechnical, Inc. has provided Atlanta with cost effective, comprehensive analysis of site soil and groundwater conditions, and foundation and drainage related analysis and design. We take pride in offering practical solutions to a multitude of foundation and drainage related construction problems. Freiberg Geotechnical, Inc. has served as a geotechnical consultant to many of Atlanta's top builders, landscaping contractors, and residential construction inspection and engineering firms, as well as numerous homeowners. We are fully insured, and included on the approved engineer list of virtually all metro Atlanta counties and jurisdictions.

All our work is performed by experienced Georgia licensed Professional Engineers. Our areas of expertise range from slope and drainage analysis to the evaluation and design of complex foundations and retaining walls. Our resume includes a long list of residential, commercial, and infrastructure-related construction projects throughout greater Atlanta, with geotechnical, environmental, geological and hydrogeological experience throughout Georgia, in the Washington, D.C. area, and the western United States.